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Why Sign Up for Millennial Moments

Nxt Modern’s mission is to help millennial women like yourself make the NEXT move. Let’s say you want to start a new diet, backpack Africa or start an online boutique, finding all the information to make this possible in one place is very difficult.

Our aim is to curate the best information from different verticals that are important to your survival, success, and happiness in an online space that speaks directly to you. Our target audience is millennial women, and every post, course or video we create is designed to answer your questions and solve your problems.

These verticals range from food to money, travel to interior design and career tips to fitness routines.

So how does signing up for an email newsletter support our mission to keep you informed and educated:

  • Your emails are filled with did you knows
  • Your emails are filled with research
  • Your emails are filled with awesome in-house videos
  • Your emails are filled with one-on-one consultations
  • Your emails give you insider access and behind the scenes outtakes
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Millennial Moments is Premium Content

  • Your emails are packed with exclusive content, meaning for every 5 out of 10 emails you receive we won’t be sending you our latest blog feed.
  • You will receive an email only ONCE weekly. There is no need to bombard you with content because every email we send is jam-packed with easy-to-read, helpful info.
  • You will never receive spam in your inbox. We hate spam too, we don’t even eat the type of spam you find on supermarket shelves.
  • You will only receive content that is relevant to your interests. This is a women’s lifestyle site, so you will never receive emails about beard oils unless we’re sending gift suggestions for your special man.

We look forward to an invitation to your inbox. You won’t be disappointed.

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