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Fun Facts70% of millennials believe that true success is about being happy and healthy.

95% of millennials would rather be healthy than wealthy.


Our mission is to help millennial women make the NEXT move to create and live fulfilling lives through holistic wellness, addressing all seven dimensions of well-being.

For a wholesome existence, the modern woman needs to prioritize her emotional, physical, intellectual, social, environmental, occupational and spiritual wellness.

Here you will find in-depth guides, courses, feature pieces, interviews and articles all centered around empowering millennial women to create happy, healthy and rewarding journeys.


what is lysine

Nxt Modern started in December 2017 as an outlet to give millennial women and men the best health and wellness advice, tips, recipes, content, and products out there as it relates to our hectic, trendy and futuristic lifestyles and the goals we are all trying to achieve.

However, after a few short months, the analytics doesn’t lie, and we noticed over 74% of our monthly visitors were women between the ages of 21 and 35, hence we decided to change our focus and predominantly target millennial women.

But hey, everyone is welcome here!

We are millennials ourselves, and every day comes a new challenge, idea or problem that requires an answer. Here we try our best to give you answers to some of your most pressing issues, but also opening you up to a whole new world of information to transform your life through wellness and healthy lifestyle habits.

We are a kick-ass team of down-to-earth gals and dudes who are passionate about the changing world around us and figuring out how we can better adapt and build better futures.

Thanks for stopping by and join us for more great stuff!

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